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2021/12/08 14:10


Update 2021.12.21有機農家の皆さま今日もお仕事お疲れさまです。小売店や卸などで有機農産物の販売手数料を安くしたい、定期的な売上がほしい、少量でも販売したい、出荷作業を楽にしたいなど、売り方でお困りは...

2021/12/08 17:39

農林水産省からShare Organicの有機農家募集ついてご紹介頂きました

日本有機農産物協会の「自治体向けオーガニックセミナー2021.12.8」で、農林水産省からShare Organicの有機農家募集ついてご紹介頂きました。只今こちらで有機農家募集中です!

2021/09/04 17:16

Organic rice flour 10 secrets 有機米粉10の秘密

Organic rice flour10 secrets有機米粉 10の秘密Our rice flour and rice flour bread were selected to be cooked and tasted by *JFOODO Top Chefs at **Natural Products Expo West 2020 (Anaheim, USA), the ...

2021/03/06 19:18

Online Workshop 2nd オンラインワークショップ第2回

Free! Online Workshop 2ndOrganic rice flour and organic rice flour bread will also be presented.Tap now!無料! オンラインワークショップ 第2回有機米粉と有機米粉パンも披露します。今すぐをタップ!L...

2021/01/31 22:55

Free! Workshop Organic rice flour & bread ワークショップ

Free!WorkshopOrganic rice flour and organic rice flour bread will also be presented.New York TimeFebruary 6, 2021 5:00pm - 6:00pm ESTFebruary 7, 2021 5:00pm - 6:00pm EST*Tokyo Time*February 7,...

2020/07/20 15:36

100% Rice Bread Recipe 100%米粉パンのレシピ

Sweeter than wheat bread!Just by mixing for 1 min, you can make the world's best rice flour bread.I also have recipes and videos to help people around the world make this rice flour bread. ins...

2020/07/20 12:10

Selected at the world's largest expo 世界最大の食品展で採用

Our products were selected for demonstration and tasting by JFOODO Ambassador Chefs at Natural Products Expo West 2020, the world's largest natural, organic and healthy products event.We would like...

2020/07/09 13:52

Follow now Instagram! 今すぐフォロー! 再入荷SNSで最速購入

Thank you for your continued patronage of our organic products.We are still selling out of our products. We will update you on the new arrival of our products via SNS. You can purchase th...