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Organic rice flour 10 qualities

Sweeter than wheat bread!
Just by mixing for 1 min, you can make the world's best rice flour bread.



Our rice flours and breads were selected to be cooked and tasted by JFOODO Top Chefs at Natural Products Expo West 2020 in Anaheim, USA.

1. 世界最大の展示会で選抜

Natural Products Expo West 2020(アメリカ・アナハイム)でJFOODOトップシェフによる調理と試食提供に、当店の米粉と米粉パンが選ばれました。

Recipes and videos to support eating at home
*No oil, sugar, salt, additives, wheat flour, eggs, milk, and allergy specific ingredients in Japan

2. パンの材料は、米粉・水・イーストだけ


A rice cultivar Akikomachi grown in Akita Prefecture, which has been awarded the highest rating "Special A" in taste tests 14 times since 1996. The rice is grown exclusively for organic rice flour.

3. 食味試験最高ランクの米品種を使用


In order to make all-purpose flower, this product was manufactured by a special milling method such as 35 µm granules for the first time in the industry.

4. パンや菓子などの幅広い料理に使える


Compared to wheat, rice is gluten-free, 55% off oil absorption, and has 1.5 times the body's essential amino acid score.

5. 小麦粉の替わり


In accordance with the Organic-JAS system of the Japanese government, which protects the environment, we have obtained organic certification through cultivation, milling and inspection by a third party. Certified products can display the organic certification mark.

6. 有機認証で安心


Our flour mill facilities are ISO 22000 certified, including food safety management to international standards and GCC third-party inspections. ISO 22000 is a management system for food safety developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO, Geneva, Switzerland).

7. 国際基準の安全


This organic rice was cultivated without pesticides. Pesticide-free cultivated the rice contains all of the probiotics in a natural state. “Adoption of the definition of probiotics as ʻLive microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the hostʼ.”
*Joint FAO/WHO Working Group. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Probiotics in Food. 2002.

8. 体と環境に良い無農薬栽培

*出典:Joint FAO/WHO Working Group. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Probiotics in Food. 2002.

Rice is *the only crop in Japan that is 100% self-sufficient. Rice consumption is on the decline; food self-sufficiency in terms of calories in 2019 is 38%. If everyone in Japan ate approximately 1 loaf of rice flour bread (230 g of rice flour) each month, we could increase our self-sufficiency by 1%.

This is the first domestic brand of rice flour in New York City, sold from NY to bring good taste and safety to the world. We are committed to passing on sustainable agriculture to the next generation. We are a Food Action Nippon promotion partner.
*Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries aff. 2012/5. A Junior Annual Report on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas in Japan
. 2019.

9. 子どもたちのお米を守る


この米粉はおいしさと安心を世界へお届けするためにニューヨークから販売した、NY初の "made in Japan" の米粉ブランドです。当店は持続可能な農業を次世代に繋げられるよう活動しています。当店はFood Action Nippon推進パートナーです。
*出典:農林水産省aff 2012/5、ジュニア農林水産白書 2019

Quality and environmental protection are more important than mass production. The annual production of organic rice flour and organic brown rice flour is about 2000 kg (enough for 9000 loaves of rice flour bread).
Very rare.
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10. 限定生産


I used to eat a lot of convenience store lunches and fast food for me. I have never been an organic eater. The turning point came when my wife was pregnant.

Food continues to build a child's body during pregnancy and breastfeeding and beyond. Food has a greater effect on a growing baby's body than on an adult's. I wanted to feed my baby safe, tasty and healthy food. I have been gradually introducing organic foods into our daily diet. A child who eats organic food without missing a beat seems to understand the taste of nature.

For four years, the rice flour bread I was making for my children was a constant source of failure. I was so obsessed with making bread that it became the best rice flour bread in the world. In order to make rice flour bread a new daily staple like rice, I started by developing rice flour.

I also have recipes and videos to help people around the world make this rice flour bread.

Yokura Yu
Managing director
Organic cafe Omotesando






Yokura Yu
Managing director
Organic cafe Omotesando